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Question 1: After Mao, the ideologic rivalry between the USSR and the PRC diminished as domestic politics, but increased as ________ — the realm where Russian and Chinese hegemonic interests conflicted.
GeopolitikGeostrategyGeopoliticsKarl Haushofer

Question 2: China, unlike Russia, had no great urban ________, thus he organized the peasants and farmers to fight the Chinese Revolution.
Middle classUpper classSocial classWorking class

Question 3: In 1959, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev met with US President ________ (1953–61) to decrease Russo–American tensions and with the Western world in the Cold War.
Dwight D. EisenhowerGerald FordRichard NixonRonald Reagan

Question 4: ________
Cold WarHistory of the Soviet Union (1953–1985)Joseph StalinCollapse of the Soviet Union (1985–1991)

Question 5: The Chinese permitted Soviet matériel across China to ________, to aid the prosecuting of war efforts against South Vietnam, in the Vietnam War (1945–75).
LaosNorth VietnamNorth KoreaDemocratic Kampuchea

Question 6: the US and USSR were nuclear powers by the late 1950s), wherein the USSR managed superpower confrontations such as the status of post-war ________.

Question 7: The Sino–Soviet split was the gradual worsening of relations between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) during the ________ (1945–91).
Joseph StalinVietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyCold War

Question 8: In December 1979, the USSR intervened in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan to aid the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan whose Communist régime was losing the ________ (1978–?).
Civil war in Afghanistan (1996–2001)Civil war in AfghanistanSoviet war in AfghanistanWar in Afghanistan (2001–present)

Question 9: Mao ignored most of the politico-military advice and direction from Stalin and the ________ on conducting the Chinese revolution — because applying (traditional) Leninist revolutionary theory proved difficult.
CominternLeft communismCommunismMarxism

Question 10: The PRC denounced the deposition of their Maoist client, and punitively invaded northern Vietnam in the ________ (1979); and the USSR denounced the PRC’s action.
Sino-Vietnamese WarSino-Soviet border conflictVietnam WarKorean War


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