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Sino-Korean vocabulary: Quiz


Question 1: Sino-Korean or Hanja-eo (Korean: 한자어, ________: 漢字語) refers to the set of words in the Korean language vocabulary that originated from or were influenced by hanja.
Chinese characterHanjaRegular scriptKanji

Question 2: The Sino-Korean lexicon consists of both words coined in the Korean language using ________.
KanjiHanjaChinese characterRegular script

Question 3: Many Sino-Korean words came from ________.
Cantonese (Yue)Classical ChineseChinese languageTaiwanese Hokkien

Question 4: Although Sino-Korean words today make up about 60% of the Korean vocabulary,[1] many Sino-Korean words have been replaced in ________ with native Korean words.
Korean PeninsulaSouth KoreaNorth KoreaKorean People's Navy

Question 5: The table below contains some words that are either similar or different between Korean and Japanese (in ________ and Kyujitai) and Standard Written Chinese.
KanjiShinjitaiSimplified Chinese charactersChinese character


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