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Question 1: [44] Duchesne's victory sparked a brief panic in ________, but the French were not strong enough to advance beyond their bridgehead.

Question 2: Patriotic indignation spread to the British colony of ________.
Hong KongMacauUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 3: The ________ was a walkover for the French.
Bac Ninh campaignBac Le ambushTientsin AccordOscar de Négrier

Question 4: The mood in France was against compromise, and although negotiations continued throughout July, Admiral Courbet was ordered to take his squadron to ________ (Foochow).

Question 5: In early February 1885 part of his squadron left Keelung to head off a threatened attempt by part of the Chinese ________ (Southern Seas fleet) to break the French blockade of Formosa.
Nanyang FleetLiu MingchuanLiu YongfuBlack Flag Army

Question 6: Reinforcements from France and the African colonies had now raised the strength of the ________ to over 10,000 men, and Millot organised this force into two brigades.
Tonkin Expeditionary CorpsAmédée CourbetSino-French WarBlack Flag Army

Question 7: It took the French a month to complete their preparations for the ________.
Sino-French WarKep CampaignLang Son CampaignPescadores Campaign (1885)

Question 8: In some quarters near ________ and in Taiwan the war is even regarded as a Chinese victory.
YizhouRongshui Miao Autonomous CountyGuangxiPingxiang, Guangxi

Question 9: After resupplying the 2nd Brigade with food and ammunition, de Négrier defeated the Guangxi Army at the ________ on 23 February and cleared it from Tonkinese territory.
Battle of Hoa MocBattle of Nui BopBattle of Bang Bo (Zhennan Pass)Battle of Dong Dang

Question 10: They were joined a few years later by Laos, ceded to France by Siam at the conclusion of the ________.
Franco-Thai WarSino-French WarFirst Indochina WarFranco-Siamese War


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