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Question 1: [14] Yet other languages have even more particular ways of expressing distribution and ________.
First-order logicPropositional calculusAmbiguityQuantification

Question 2: ________. Retrieved 2007-07-09.
Television in AustraliaABC Radio and Regional ContentABC TelevisionAustralian Broadcasting Corporation

Question 3: One solution in formal writing has often been to write he or she, or something similar, but this is considered awkward when used excessively, overly ________,[46] or both.
United KingdomSpainGermanyPolitical correctness

Question 4: Where natural language speakers use words or ________ to signal generalizations, language analysts define what they call variables that range over any element of the set of members of a group — the domain.
Swedish languageCliticInflectionPreposition and postposition

Question 5: ________ proposes the word they be considered to be a pair of "homonyms" — two different words with the same spelling and sound.
Evolutionary psychologySteven PinkerE. O. WilsonRichard Dawkins

Question 6: "Singular they" is a popular, non-technical term for the use of the pronoun they (or its ________ forms) when plurality is not required by the context.
Bulgarian languageGrammatical genderInflectionPolish language

Question 7: The term variable arises due to the interest mathematicians, logicians, philosophers of language, theoretical linguists and computer language designers have in ________ representations of natural language.
Formal grammarFormal languageContext-free grammarRegular language

Question 8: Many clear examples of the plural being used in other languages, and coming into English by translation, are found in the King James Version (KJV) of the ________, which attempted to be very literal.
BibleNevi'imChristianity and JudaismBiblical canon

Question 9: The evolution of originally-plural you as a replacement for the singular ________ in early Modern English is an example of a similar shift.
English languageMiddle EnglishOld EnglishThou

Question 10: Current debate relates to not only ________ but also to wider questions of political correctness and equal rights, and in particular, the extent to which language influences thought.
SyntaxGrammarLinguisticsGenerative grammar


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