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Singspiel: Quiz


Question 1: The Singspiel is the direct ancestor of the operettas of Franz von Suppé, ________ and their successors.
Frédéric ChopinJohann Strauss IIFranz SchubertFelix Mendelssohn

Question 2: In 1927, ________ created a new word, 'Songspiel,' to describe and title his work Mahagonny.
Kurt WeillMack the KnifeLotte LenyaThe Threepenny Opera

Question 3: As a result of this evolution, except for use by certain ________ composers, the Singspiel proper was less prevalent by the 20th century.
Savoy operaOperettaOperaBallad opera

Question 4: [1] It is characterized by spoken dialogue, which is alternated with ensembles, songs, ________, and arias (which were often lyrical, strophic, or folk-like).
EnglandBallad opera18th centuryBallad

Question 5: This was successfully performed in the 1740s in ________ and Leipzig.

Question 6: A Singspiel (German literally meaning "song-play") (plural: Singspiele) is a form of ________ music drama, now regarded as a genre of opera.
Romanian languageGerman languageSpanish languageDutch language


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