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Question 1: Singles have generally been more important to artists who sell to the youngest purchasers of music (younger ________ and pre-teens), who tend to have more limited financial resources.
AdultAdolescencePubertyDevelopmental psychology

Question 2: In ________, the commercial and artistic importance of the single (as compared to the EP or album) has varied over time, technological development, and according to the audience of particular artists and genres.
Musical formThirty-two-bar formSong structure (popular music)Popular music

Question 3: Perhaps the golden age of the single was on 45's in the 1950s and early 1960s in the early years of ________.
Rock musicRock and rollHeavy metal musicBritish rock

Question 4: Selling on downloads alone ________ were the first act to reach No.1 in April 2006.
UK Singles ChartDanger MouseGnarls BarkleyCrazy (Gnarls Barkley song)

Question 5: Sony announced plans to release 50 ringles in October and November, while ________ expected to release somewhere between 10 and 20 titles.
Warner Music GroupSony Music EntertainmentUniversal Music GroupEMI

Question 6: In September 2007, ________ announced they would introduce a new type of CD single, called "ringles", for the 2007 holiday season.
Bertelsmann Music GroupRCA RecordsSony Music EntertainmentSony BMG

Question 7: The 7″ 45 rpm record was introduced in 1949 by ________ as a smaller, more durable and higher-fidelity replacement for the 78 rpm shellac discs.
RCA RecordsDavid SarnoffNBCRCA

Question 8: ________, however, has followed a different commercial pattern, and the single, especially the 12-inch vinyl single, remains a major method by which dance music is distributed.
B-boyingSwing (dance)Dance musicBallroom dance

Question 9: The 12″ single is still considered a standard format for ________, though its popularity has declined in recent years.
Dance musicB-boyingBallroom danceSwing (dance)

Question 10: A related development has been the popularity of mobile phone ________ based on pop singles (on some modern phones, the actual single can be used as a ringtone).
RingtoneJapanese mobile phone cultureMobile contentText messaging

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