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Question 1: A singer-songwriter is a musician who writes, composes and ________ their own material including lyrics and melodies.
Head voiceHuman voiceSingingVocal pedagogy

Question 2: Record labels are controlled by large enterprises leading to an abundance of K-songs (________ type songs) in Hong Kong.
KaraokeJapanMusic video gameTokyo

Question 3: Also in the 1990s, artists such as ________ and Elliott Smith borrowed from the singer-songwriter tradition to create new acoustic-based rock styles[citation needed].
Dave MatthewsLive at Radio CityDave Matthews Band discographyDave Matthews Band

Question 4:
Which of the following labels did Singer-songwriter work with?
Chapel Contemporary
Cloud Studios, ABC Contemporary Music
Rendezvous, Mosaic Contemporary, Warner Bros., Sony, Columbia
Contemporary singer/songwriter

Question 5: In the early 1990s ________ rose to fame and became one of the most successful and well known singer-songwriters of all time[citation needed].
Mariah CareyWe Belong TogetherThe Remixes (Mariah Carey album)I'll Be There (The Jackson 5 song)

Question 6: ________, focus on independent artists.
Pitchfork Music FestivalPitchfork MediaThe Pitchfork 500Don't Look Back (concert series)

Question 7: Later in the mid-1990s, the term was revived again with the success of Canada's ________ and her breakthrough album Jagged Little Pill[citation needed].
Alanis (album)Alanis MorissetteUnder Rug SweptAlanis Morissette discography

Question 8: At around the same time, the Brazilian popular style ________ was evolving into a politically charged singer-songwriter tradition called Tropicalismo.
Jazz standardLatin jazzJazzBossa nova

Question 9: Some started to branch out in new genres such as Kurt Cobain and ________.
Mike McCreadyEddie VedderJeff AmentStone Gossard

Question 10: In neighbouring Malta, the main singer-songwriters are ________, Manwel Mifsud and Vince Fabri.
Walter Micallef u l-ĦbiebVallettaWalter MicallefJes Psaila


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