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Question 1: In ________, the force comprised a sitting magistrate doubling up as a superintendent, three European constables and an assistant native constable, 14 officers and 110 policemen.
1942May 2219161843

Question 2: It showcases the capabilities of the Singapore Police Force and the ________ to deal with terrorism.
Lebanese Armed ForcesMyanmar Armed ForcesSri Lanka Armed ForcesSingapore Armed Forces

Question 3: Formerly known as the Republic of Singapore Police (________: RSP; Malay: Polis Republik Singapura), it has grown from an 11-man organisation to a 38,587 strong force.
United StatesAbbreviationEnglish languageAcronym and initialism

Question 4: At ________, the Singapore Police Force unveiled a Tenix S600 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) had been purchased for its operations for the Special Operations Command.
National Day Parade, 2008National Day ParadeNational Day Parade, 2007National Day Parade, 2006

Question 5: In ________, the Monadnock PR-21 side handle baton (more commonly known as the T-baton) replaced the wooden batons and retractable nightsticks to enhance their defensive capabilities.

Question 6: More Adventures of Constable Acai, ________

Question 7: In ________, twelve consecutive days of violence sparked by a dispute between the Hokkiens and Teochews disrupted trade.
March 4190019411854

Question 8: Patrol (铁警雄风), ________: A take on the lives of the men in the Traffic Police Department

Question 9: A repeat of this scenario occurred in ________, when lingering displeasure against Roman Catholic ethnic Chinese erupted into major rioting leaving over 500 Chinese dead.

Question 10: The Singapore Police Force, also uses the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun and the ________ shotgun.
Remington 870M2 Browning machine gunM16 rifleHeckler & Koch MP5

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