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Question 1: Examples of this type of Italian sinfonia are the numerous three-movement opera overtures by ________, all archetypical Italian overtures.
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAlessandro ScarlattiDomenico ScarlattiBaroque music

Question 2: In English it most commonly refers to a 17th- or ________ orchestral piece used as an introduction, interlude, or postlude to an opera, oratorio, cantata, or suite.
16th century19th century18th century15th century

Question 3: This ________ became known as the French overture.
Music theoryMusical notationClassical musicMusical form

Question 4: ________ chose the name Sinfonia Domestica ("Domestic Symphony") for a full scale symphony he composed 1902–1903.
Clemens KraussKarl BöhmRichard StraussGustav Mahler

Question 5: A specific form of such kind of preluding piece, in the early 18th century, was the three-movement sinfonia which became the standard type of overture to an ________.
ItalyItalian operaMilanNaples

Question 6: ________ sometimes used the term sinfonia in the then-antiquated meaning of an instrumental single-movement piece, e.g.
Baroque musicJohann Sebastian BachJohann PachelbelFugue

Question 7: This can be seen as one of the many Bach reminiscences Mendelssohn inserts in his music: these references to the old master were especially thick in this "symphony-cantata", as it was to be premiered in the Thomaskirche in ________.

Question 8: ________ wrote a Sinfonia da Requiem in 1941.
Olivier MessiaenPierre BoulezBenjamin BrittenDmitri Shostakovich


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