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Sinestro: Quiz


Question 1: After leaving Korugar, Sinestro travels to visit the grave of his former friend ________, and then makes plans to lead an assault on the homeworld of the Star Sapphires.
Alan ScottHal JordanAbin SurGreen Lantern

Question 2:
What was Sinestro allied to?
"White Lantern Corps"

Question 3:
When did Sinestro make his debut?
Green Lantern, # 7
X-Factor vol. 1 #7
Green Lantern vol. 4 #18
Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1

Question 4: Sinestro escaped from his prison and came to Earth where he attacked Green Lantern (before he had a chance to recharge his power ring) at the airport as Hal Jordan sends his Power Ring to ________.
Superman/BatmanCopperhead (DC Comics)BatmanSuperman & Batman: Generations

Question 5: Sinestro later appeared in the miniseries ________, where he captured Lady Quark for the Secret Society of Super-Villains.
Countdown to Final CrisisVillains UnitedSalvation RunOne Year Later

Question 6:
What company publishes Sinestro?

Question 7: His yellow outfit and yellow power ring are homage to the ________.
Solomon Grundy (comics)Guy Gardner (comics)Superboy-PrimeSinestro Corps

Question 8: ________, the leader of a Korugarian resistance movement who felt that Sinestro's "protection" kept her people from growing as a society through contact with other alien races, was recruited as his replacement in the Corps.
Green Lantern CorpsHal JordanGuy Gardner (comics)Katma Tui

Question 9: The yellow power battery is destroyed by Jordan and Sinestro's ring, along with his hand, is crushed by ________.
KilowogHal JordanGreen LanternMongul

Question 10:
What powers does Sinestro have?
Red Lantern Power Ring
Wields Oan power ring
-Teleportation ring
White power ring


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