Sindhi literature: Quiz

Question 1: After ________, the social and economic scene of the world underwent a tremendous change.
Western Front (World War I)World War IArmenian GenocideCaucasus Campaign

Question 2: Free verses, sonnets and ________ have been written alongside the classical forms of poetry such as Kafi, Vaee, Bait, Geet and Dohira.
Ballad operaBalladEngland18th century

Question 3: It is also recorded that treatises were written in Sindhi on ________, medicine and history during the eighth and ninth centuries.

Question 4: ________
Bengali literature
Chinese literature
Indian literature
Japanese literature
Korean literature
Nepalese literature
Pakistani literature
Vietnamese literature
MawlidIslamic Golden AgePersian literatureArabic literature

Question 5: Bhagu Bhan, Sumang Charan, Shah Abdul Karim, Shah Inayat and many other poets of this period have enriched the language with ________, romantic and epic poetry.

Question 6: He modified the old script of Sindhi language, which was commonly used by the lohana catse of ________ of Sindh who embraced Islam under his teaching and were called by him 'Khuwajas' or 'Khojas'.

Question 7: His verses are, therefore, full of ________ and religion.

Question 8: The aftermath of the war and the socialist revolution of ________ affected the literature of every country.
United StatesRussiaMoscowRussian culture

Question 9: He also wrote on science, history, ________ and politics.
MoneyKeynesian economicsEconomicsHeterodox economics

Question 10: Consciousness about history and cultural heritage of ________ served as a catalyst for research and intellectual upsurge.
Punjab (Pakistan)PakistanKarachiSindh

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