Sinai and Palestine Campaign: Quiz

Question 1: The Ottoman Fourth Army, under the command of the Turkish Minister of Marine, Djemal Pasha, was based in ________.

Question 2: Six hundred years of Ottoman rule over the ________ had come to an end.
AsiaIranMiddle EastWestern Asia

Question 3: They also had substantial forces deployed around ________ and in the (now quiet) Caucasus front.
ConstantinopleHagia SophiaByzantine EmpireByzantine navy

Question 4: The ________, initiated by the Turks, completed the deception.
Battle of Megiddo (1918)Battle of Beersheba (1917)Third Battle of GazaBattle of El Buggar Ridge

Question 5: The ultimate goal of Allenby's and Feisal's armies was ________.

Question 6: General Falkenhayn next tried to form a new defensive line from ________ to Jerusalem to Jaffa.
JesusBethlehemChristmasSanta Claus

Question 7: The British had accomplished their objective of protecting the Suez Canal from Turkish attacks, but the new government of ________ wanted more.
Bonar LawStanley BaldwinDavid Lloyd GeorgeWinston Churchill

Question 8: On the Turkish side, this defeat marked the exit of Djemal Pasha, who returned to ________.
Turkish peopleTurkeyAnkaraIstanbul

Question 9: The Ottoman forces were holding a rough line from the fort at Gaza, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, to the town of ________, which was the terminus of the Ottoman railway that extended north to Damascus.
AshdodAshkelonArad, IsraelBeersheba

Question 10: The government in London believed the reports from the field which indicated a substantial victory had been won and ordered General Murray to move on and capture ________.

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