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Simplicity: Quiz


Question 1: "If you can't describe it simply, you can't use it simply."—________
Project ChanologyAnonymous (group)Scientology versus the InternetScientology

Question 2: "Our lives are frittered away by detail; simplify, simplify."—________ (1817–1862)
Henry David ThoreauNoam ChomskyIndividualist anarchismAnarchism

Question 3: "Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."—________ (1879–1955)
Isaac NewtonAlbert EinsteinScientific methodRelationship between religion and science

Question 4: Specifically, it can refer to a ________ lifestyle.
Ethical consumerismSimple livingSustainable livingAnti-consumerism

Question 5: The concept of simplicity has been related to truth in the field of ________.

Question 6: The similar concept of ________ is also used in philosophy of science, that is the explanation of a phenomenon which is the least involved is held to have superior value to a more involved one.
PhysicsOccam's razorParsimonyAlbert Einstein

Question 7: Members of the ________ (Quakers) practice the Testimony of Simplicity, which is the simplifying of one's life in order to focus on things that are most important and disregard or avoid things that are least important.
Friends World Committee for ConsultationReligious Society of FriendsHistory of the Religious Society of FriendsGeorge Fox

Question 8: "On Simple Theories Of A Complex World" by ________
Alfred North WhiteheadWillard Van Orman QuineBertrand RussellAristotle

Question 9: "Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means."—Koichi Kawana, ________ of botanical gardens
ArchitectDesign-bid-buildArchitectural engineeringConstruction

Question 10: "Simplicity is the direct result of profound thought."—________
Scientology versus the InternetProject ChanologyScientologyAnonymous (group)


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