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Simple aromatic ring: Quiz


Question 1: Simple monocyclic aromatic rings are usually five-membered rings like pyrrole or six-membered rings like ________.
Acetic acidBenzeneEthanolPyridine

Question 2: Simple aromatic rings, also known as simple arenes or simple aromatics, are ________ organic compounds that consist only of a conjugated planar ring system with delocalized pi electron clouds.
Covalent bondAromaticityChemical bondMetallic bond

Question 3: The nitrogen (N)-containing aromatic rings can be separated into basic aromatic rings that are easily protonated, and form aromatic ________ and salts (e.g., pyridinium), and non-basic aromatic rings.
IonElectrolyteHalf cellLithium-ion battery

Question 4: Simple aromatic rings can be heterocyclic if they contain non-________ ring atoms, for example, oxygen, nitrogen, or sulfur.

Question 5: They are usually found as substructures of more complex ________ ("substituted aromatics").

Question 6: They can be monocyclic as in benzene, bicyclic as in ________, or polycyclic as in anthracene.

Question 7: Typical simple aromatic compounds are ________ and indole.

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