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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol: Quiz


Question 1: Standards such as Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (________) were developed to encode binary files for transfer through SMTP.
Domain Name SystemInternet Message Access ProtocolMIMESimple Mail Transfer Protocol

Question 2: ________ (SMTP non-delivery reports), bounce address
Bounce messageSender Rewriting SchemeBounce Address Tag ValidationSender Policy Framework

Question 3: The MTA looks up the destination's mail exchanger record (MX record) in the ________ (DNS), and relays the mail to a server on record via TCP port 25 and SMTP.
Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolHypertext Transfer ProtocolDomain Name SystemDomain Name System Security Extensions

Question 4: For receiving messages, client applications usually use either the Post Office Protocol (POP) or the ________ (IMAP) to access their mail box accounts on a mail server.
Internet Message Access ProtocolE-mailSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolEmail client

Question 5: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across ________ (IP) networks.
Transmission Control ProtocolIPsecIPv4Internet Protocol

Question 6: A server that relays all e-mail for all destinations for all clients connecting to port 25 is known as an ________ and is now generally considered a bad practice worthy of blacklisting.
Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolOpen mail relayInternetUUCP

Question 7: Conformant MTAs fall back to a simple address lookup (________) of the domain name when no mail exchanger is available.
Zero configuration networkingDomain Name SystemList of DNS record typesDomain Name System Security Extensions

Question 8: As more computers were interconnected, especially in the US Government's ________, standards were developed to allow users using different systems to be able to e-mail one another.
InternetDARPAJ. C. R. LickliderARPANET

Question 9: Other protocols, such as the Post Office Protocol (POP) and the ________ (IMAP) are specifically designed for retrieving messages and managing mail boxes.
E-mailInternet Message Access ProtocolEmail clientSimple Mail Transfer Protocol

Question 10: An ________ requires the name or the IP address of an SMTP server as part of its configuration.
IBM Lotus NotesInternet Message Access ProtocolEmail clientSimple Mail Transfer Protocol


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