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Simlish: Quiz


Question 1: It can only be seen at a very close zoom and is slightly garbled because of the ________ compression.
MPEG-1JPEGPortable Network GraphicsAudio compression (data)

Question 2: It debuted in ________, and has been especially prominent in The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.
The Sims 2: FreeTimeThe Sims 2: Open for BusinessSimCopterThe Sims 2: Pets

Question 3: ________ recorded "Sweet About Me" in Simlish for The Sims 2.
Gabriella CilmiJet (band)Augie MarchPaul Kelly (musician)

Question 4: Also when a vehicle arrives on the lot, the number plate shows real numbers; similarly, ________ in the game have the numbers 329 on top of them.
United StatesEmergency vehicle equipmentPolice carStation wagon

Question 5: In The Sims 2 University, eight "SimGreek Letters" appeared as signs intended for ________ houses.
Sigma ChiKappa Alpha SocietyFraternities and sororitiesPhi Iota Alpha

Question 6: Also, the video games SSX3, The Sims Bustin' Out, ________ and The Sims 3 (available exclusively in Mr.
SimCity (series)SimCity 4SimCity 4: Rush HourThe Sims 2

Question 7: Metal act Trivium recorded "Like Light To Flies" in Simlish for ________.
The Sims 2The Sims 2 Stuff packsThe Sims 2: NightlifeThe Sims 2: University

Question 8: They are written in the same Simlish alphabet described above, or using the font Wingdings to produce symbols like ________ or Zodiac signs.
SanskritAumMantraBuddhism and Hinduism

Question 9: When Sims are writing ________ or term papers, dingbats from the Wingdings font appear as text on the screen.

Question 10: For example, a pet shop sign in Unleashed displays a paw, a stop sign in Hot Date displays a white hand, and in ________ the sign for a grocery store depicts a cornucopia.
The Sims 2 Stuff packsThe Sims 2The Sims 2: NightlifeThe Sims 2: University

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