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Silver fulminate: Quiz


Question 1: Silver fulminate (AgCNO) is an explosive ionic compound of ________ and the fulminate anion.

Question 2: Silver fulminate is a ________ that has very little practical value due to its extreme sensitivity to impact, heat, pressure and electricity.
Explosive materialNitrogenOxygenNitroglycerin

Question 3: Silver fulminate can be prepared unintentionally, when an acidic solution of ________ comes in contact with alcohol.
Silver hexafluorophosphateSilver nitrateSilver iodideSilver perchlorate

Question 4: It may also refer to a mixture decomposition product of Tollen's reagent, or an ________ substance, neither of which may contain the fulminate anion.
GeberAlchemyIslamic Golden AgeMuhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi

Question 5: This compound can be prepared by the reaction of concentrated nitric acid with silver metal and ________, under careful control of the reaction conditions, to avoid explosion.
Flumazenil1,4-ButanediolEthanolAlcoholic beverage

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