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Question 1:
What class does Silver Surfer belong to?

Question 2:
When did Silver Surfer make his debut?
Adventure Comics #48
Fantastic Four #48
Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #48
Marvel Comics Presents #48

Question 3: The Silver Surfer is a victim of the ________ on Earth-2149.
Marvel ZombiesMan-ThingBlack Panther (comics)Marvel Zombies: Dead Days

Question 4:
What company publishes Silver Surfer?

Question 5: After fighting valiantly, he is killed by the Hulk, and his body is devoured by a few of the zombies (Hulk, Colonel America, Giant-Man, ________, Luke Cage, Wolverine, and Spider-Man).
Stark TowerIron ManAdvanced Idea MechanicsStan Lee

Question 6:
What powers does Silver Surfer have?
Endowed with the Power Cosmic
Magic spells, Cosmic power
Control over cosmic and mystical forces,
Cosmic Awareness, Unlimited energy powers.

Question 7: Fighting as a gladiator (and believed to be the fabled 'Sakaarson' due to his appearance), the Surfer is finally forced to face the Hulk along with his ________.
Planet Hulk (film)Hulk (comics)World War HulkWarbound

Question 8:
What was Silver Surfer allied to?
Secret Avengers
Super Gilly
United Front
The Translords

Question 9: He looks like the original Carnage from the ________ comics, but still has the trademark surfboard of the Silver Surfer.
Stan LeeSpider-Woman (Jessica Drew)Spider-ManThe New Avengers (comics)

Question 10: Blending cel and computer animation, this series was rendered in the style of Surfer creator ________, and faithfully incorporated much of the comic book history.
Jack KirbyWolverine (comics)The Super Hero Squad ShowStan Lee

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