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Silver Sable: Quiz


Question 1:
What powers does Silver Sable have?
-Hair can be used to attack and can form bladed weapons
Very skilled with fire weapons and blades
martial arts, blades, guns, hi-tech costume.
Skilled in use of bladed weapons

Question 2:
What company publishes Silver Sable?

Question 3:
When did Silver Sable make his debut?
: Avengers #12
Amazing Spider-Man #265
Fantastic Four #1

Question 4: Sable's team had the upper hand until ________ freed his Heroes allies and Power Man turned traitor, sending the professor off to the villain Master of the World.
Cable (comics)X-MenDeadpoolWolverine (comics)

Question 5: Sable is later seen before the final battle against Venom, saying that her contract with ________ expired and that Trask doesn't know how to fly the helicopter that he is using to flee Venom.
Iceman (comics)Bolivar TraskStan LeeArcade (comics)

Question 6:
What was Silver Sable allied to?
head of Deathwatch's criminal combine and a group of ninja warriors
Wild Pack
Wild Pack

Question 7: However, she is opposed by Hammerhead and ________.
MysterioHobgoblin (comics)Doctor OctopusLizard (comics)

Question 8: The group fought the ________, who had been hired to take the Professor.
Ajax (comics)Stan LeeHeroes For HireJack Kirby

Question 9:

Question 10: Silver has collaborated with various superheroes, including the aforementioned Spider-Man, the Punisher, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Venom, ________, Deadpool, and many others.
Wolverine (comics)HYDRAAdvanced Idea MechanicsCaptain America

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