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Question 1: [7] The USDA system has been adopted by the ________ (FAO).
Food and Agriculture OrganizationUniversal Postal UnionAzerbaijanCyprus

Question 2: A main source in rural rivers is ________ from plowing of farm fields, clearcut logging or slash and burn treatment of forests.
Mouth barDuneErosionRiver delta

Question 3: [4] The main process is abrasion through transport, including fluvial comminution, aeolian attrition and ________ grinding.
Little Ice AgeCurrent sea level riseGlacierIce sheet

Question 4: Thick deposits of silty material resulting from aeolian deposition are often called ________ (a German term) or limon (French).

Question 5: A main source of silt in urban rivers is disturbance of soil by ________ activity.
Civil engineeringBuilding services engineeringConstructionStructural engineering

Question 6: Silt and clay contribute to ________ in water.
Water purificationStormwaterTurbidityWater pollution

Question 7: Silt is soil or rock derived granular material of a grain size between sand and ________.
EarthquakeSoil liquefactionClayGeotechnical engineering

Question 8: [1] These involve chemical weathering of rock[2] and regolith, and a number of physical weathering processes such as ________[3] and haloclasty.
Calcium carbonateMineralWeatheringOxygen

Question 9: Silt, deposited by annual floods along the ________, created the rich and fertile soil that sustained the Ancient Egyptian civilization.
AlexandriaAswanNileWhite Nile

Question 10: Silt is transported by streams or by water currents in the ________.
Natural environmentOceanNatureEarth


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