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Question 1: Early ________ bishops held a Council of Seleucia in [4] 325, 359, and 410.
Catholic ChurchChristianChristianityJesus

Question 2: Seleucia remains a titular see of the ________, the seat is currently vacant following the death of the last bishop in 1971.
PopePope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope John Paul II

Question 3: It was also the site of a noted school of philosophy and ________, the birthplace of peripatetics Athenaeus and Xenarchus.

Question 4: In the 13th century Seleucia was in the possession of the ________, who lost it to the Karamanoğlu Turks in the second half of the thirteenth century, and then it ended up in the hands of the Ottomans under general Gedik Ahmet Pasha in 1471.
Knights HospitallerCrusadesMaltaItaly

Question 5: Narlıkuyu is an attractive village, where people from ________ come to eat fish and enjoy the seaside.

Question 6: This article incorporates text from the entry Seleucia Trachea in the public-domain ________ of 1913.
Pope John Paul IIUnited StatesCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic Church

Question 7: In the Notitiae of ________ (ca.
Leo VI the WiseBasil IConstantine VIIRomanos I

Question 8: In the 11th century, the city was captured by the ________; they met with resistance and in 1137, Seluecia was besieged by Leon of Cilician Armenia.
Seljuq dynastyGreat Seljuq EmpireSassanid EmpireKhwārazm-Shāh dynasty

Question 9: On June 10, 1190, the Emperor ________ was drowned trying to cross the Calycadnus, near Seleucia during the Third Crusade.
Frederick I, Holy Roman EmperorHenry VI, Holy Roman EmperorFrederick II, Holy Roman EmperorHenry IV, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 10: In 705 Seleucia was captured by the Arab armies of Islam and was recovered by the ________.
Byzantine GreeksByzantine literatureByzantine EmpireByzantine navy


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