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  • Silly Bandz, popular silicone bracelets that spring into a shape when taken off, have been banned in classrooms for being too distracting?

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Question 1:
Silicone, Polydimethylsiloxane and Simethicone are all:
Organosilicon compounds Silicones Cosmetics chemicals Thermosetting plastics

Question 2: Advantages include flexibility and high ________ strength.
PermittivityMetamaterialMaxwell's equationsDielectric

Question 3: Silicones are ingredients in many hair conditioner, ________, and hair gel products.
CosmeticsShampooFoundation (cosmetics)Cleanser

Question 4: Molds for ________, ice, cookies, muffins, etc.
Cocoa beanHot chocolateTheobroma cacaoChocolate

Question 5: Silicone, particularly the gel form, is used in bandages and dressings, in ________ and a variety of other medical uses.
Breast reconstructionBreast implantPlastic surgeryBody dysmorphic disorder

Question 6: These materials consist of an inorganic silicon-________ backbone (…-Si-O-Si-O-Si-O-…) with organic side groups attached to the silicon atoms, which are four-coordinate.

Question 7: Typically heat-resistant, nonstick, and rubber-like, they are commonly used in cookware, medical applications, sealants, ________, lubricants, insulation, and breast implants.
PolyurethaneHot melt adhesiveAdhesivePolymer

Question 8: Some silicones, notably the ________ functionalized amodimethicones, are excellent conditioners.

Question 9: Silicone is becoming an important product in the cookware industry, particularly ________ and kitchen utensils.
AluminiumStewCookware and bakewareIron

Question 10: Silicones are used as active compound in ________ due to the low water solubility and good spreading properties.
Oil refineryPolydimethylsiloxanePetroleumDefoamer

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