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Silicate: Quiz


Question 1: Silicate anions, with a negative net electrical charge, must have that charge balanced by other ________ to make an electrically neutral compound.
Lithium-ion batteryElectrolyteIonHalf cell

Question 2: Silicates have been observed in space, around evolved stars and ________ such as NGC 6302.
SupernovaWhite dwarfPlanetary nebulaStellar classification

Question 3: Phyllosilicates (sheets) - [Si2nO5n]2n−, eg micas and ________.
SoilClaySandSoil liquefaction

Question 4: Note that tectosilicates can only have additional cations if some of the silicon is replaced by a lower-charge cation such as ________, to give a negative charge overall.

Question 5: The same is true of the ________ and the other rocky planets.
MoonMercury (planet)Ganymede (moon)Io (moon)

Question 6: Cyclosilicates (rings) - [SinO3n]2n−, eg ________ group.

Question 7: Silica, or ________, SiO2, is sometimes considered a silicate, although it is the special case with no negative charge and no need for counter-ions.
Silicon dioxideQuartzAmethystOpal

Question 8: In the vast majority of silicates, including ________, the Si atom shows tetrahedral coordination by 4 oxygens.
MuscoviteGarnetSilicate mineralsChlorite group

Question 9: Such rocks include a wide range of ________, metamorphic and sedimentary types.
BasaltIgneous rockFelsicGranite

Question 10: ________, silicate minerals are divided according to structure of their silicate anion into the following groups:[1][2]
Materials scienceGoldSulfurMineralogy


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