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Silica gel: Quiz


Question 1: In this form, it is used as a desiccant to control local ________ in order to avoid spoilage or degradation of some goods.
Water vaporPrecipitation (meteorology)WindHumidity

Question 2: Silica gel is also combined with ________ to form a M-SG reducing agent.
Noble gasAlkali metalHalogenHydrogen

Question 3: Crystalline silica dust can cause ________ but synthetic amorphous silica gel is non-friable, and so does not cause silicosis.
SilicosisPneumoniaChronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAsthma

Question 4: It was used in ________ for the absorption of vapors and gases in gas mask canisters, as part of his patent.
Armenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)World War ICaucasus Campaign

Question 5: It will react with hydrogen fluoride, fluorine, oxygen difluoride, ________, strong acids, strong bases, and oxidizers[5].
Chlorine trifluorideChlorine pentafluorideChlorine dioxidePerchloryl fluoride

Question 6: Silica gel is a granular, vitreous, highly porous form of ________ and naturally formed from the silica plant.
QuartzSilicon dioxideOpalAmethyst

Question 7: A solution of ________ is acidified to produce a gelatinous precipitate that is washed, then dehydrated to produce colorless silica gel.
Sodium chromateSodium hydroxideSodium carbonateSodium silicate

Question 8: In ________ the stationary phase is most often composed of silica gel particles of 40-63 μm.
Gas chromatography-mass spectrometryGas-liquid chromatographyColumn chromatographyHigh performance liquid chromatography

Question 9: If consumed, the pure silica gel is unlikely to cause acute or chronic ________, but would be problematic nonetheless.
DiseaseICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsMental disorderIllness

Question 10: Silica gel is also applied to ________, glass, or plastic sheets for thin layer chromatography.


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