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Silenus: Quiz


Question 1: This puts him in a company of phallic or half-animal tutors of the gods, a group that includes Priapus, Cedalion and Chiron, but also includes Pallas, the tutor of ________.
GreeceGreek mythologyAthenaDemeter

Question 2: The original Silenus resembled a ________ man of the forest with the ears of a horse and sometimes also the tail and legs of a horse.

Question 3: Julian, The Caesars, Cambridge, MA: ________.
DemosthenesPlatoLoeb Classical LibraryAlcibiades

Question 4: A notorious consumer of wine, he was usually drunk and had to be supported by satyrs or carried by a ________.
Equus (genus)DonkeyOnagerMule

Question 5: Silenus was described as the oldest, wisest and most drunken of the followers of Dionysus, and was said in ________ hymns to be the young god's tutor.
Eleusinian MysteriesProto-Indo-European religionOrphism (religion)Polytheism

Question 6: The figure reappears with the ________: a court dwarf posed for the Silenus-like figure astride a tortoise at the entrance to the Boboli Gardens, Florence.
Italian RenaissanceBaroqueRenaissanceWestern art history

Question 7: Martin Silenus is the satyr-like and alcohol-appreciating poet-pilgrim in ________' Hyperion Cantos.
Dan SimmonsNovelStephen KingHarlan Ellison

Question 8: Silinus is a character, along with Bacchus, in the ________ fantasy novel Prince Caspian, the second book (or fourth, depending on the order they are arranged) in The Chronicles of Narnia.
Mere ChristianityThe Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeThe Great DivorceC. S. Lewis

Question 9: Silenus also appears in ________'s satire, The Caesars, where he sits next to the gods and offers up his comments on the various rulers under examination.
Constantine IJulian the ApostateValentinian IConstantius II

Question 10: In Euripides's satyr play Cyclops, Silenus is stranded with the Satyrs in Sicily, where they have been enslaved by the ________.
CyclopsApolloGreek mythologyHades


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