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Sikorsky H-34: Quiz


Question 1: Powerplant:Wright R-1820-84 ________, 1,525 hp (1,137 kW)
Four-stroke engineRadial engineRotary engineTwo-stroke engine

Question 2: Under the US Army's aircraft designation system, also used by the ________, the helicopter was designated H-34.
United States Air ForceAir National GuardCivil Air PatrolAir Force Reserve Command

Question 3: Various (See Main Article: ________)
United States Coast GuardUnited States ArmyU.S. Helicopter Armament SubsystemsUnited States Navy

Question 4: During the final operation of the war, the conquest of the ________ from the Syrians, the S-58s flew Israeli paratroops in to take control of the southern Golan.
2006 Lebanon WarGolan Heights1948 Arab–Israeli WarSix-Day War

Question 5: The French Navy adopted the SH-34 Seabat in 1955, using the helicopter during the ________ of 1956-62.
Algerian WarCharles de GaulleTorture during the Algerian WarFirst Indochina War

Question 6: In 1968, an S-58 was used to remove the wreckage of a Bell 47 G2 helicopter from the top of ________.
UluruAustraliaPitjantjatjaraUluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park

Question 7: On June 7, S-58s were tasked with airlifting Israeli paratroops to capture the southernmost point in the Sinai, ________, but arrived at the site to find it abandoned.
Taba, EgyptSharm el-SheikhCairoHurghada

Question 8: ________
List of military aircraft of the United States (naval)List of active United States military aircraftList of U.S. DoD aircraft designationsList of military aircraft of the United States

Question 9: The Royal Navy was the primary user for the ________ role.
DestroyerAnti-submarine warfareNaval mineAnti-submarine weapon

Question 10: On March 21, 1968, they participated in the ________, bringing Israeli troops in and out as well as evacuating the wounded.
Menachem BeginPalestine Liberation OrganizationBattle of JeninBattle of Karameh


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