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Sikh Rajputs: Quiz


Question 1: Banda reorganised the ________ Army and declared a war against the Mughal administration.
SikhSikhismKhalsaGuru Gobind Singh

Question 2: Many Punjabi Rajput families also enrolled in the Guru's Army, or ________, and baptized as Khalsa Sikhs.
Mul MantraGuru Tegh BahadurHarmandir SahibKhalsa Panth

Question 3: ________RajputsPunjabi Rajputs
Indo-Aryan migrationIranian peoplesIndo-Aryan peoplesIndo-Iranians

Question 4: During the Mughal era, many Punjabi families followed the teachings of the Guru and were baptized as ________ and joined the Guru's order of followers.
Guru Gobind SinghSikhismKhalsaSikh

Question 5: Sikh Rajputs are the followers of Sikhism belonging to the Rajput ________.
MoresIndigenous peoplesEthnic groupSouth Asian ethnic groups


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