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Question 1: [1] ________, metaphysical and cosmological themes are often explored.
PastoralShepherdJohn MiltonOpera

Question 2: Yun Seondo also wrote a famous collection of forty sijo of the changing ________ through the eyes of a fisherman.
Precipitation (meteorology)SeasonWeatherSpring (season)

Question 3: This lyric pattern gained popularity in royal courts amongst the yangban as a vehicle for religious or ________ expression, but a parallel tradition arose among the commoners.
David HumeAristotlePhilosophyPolitical philosophy

Question 4: Sijo, Korea's favorite poetic genre, is often traced to ________ monks of the eleventh century, but its roots, too, are in those earlier forms.
Chinese philosophyConfuciusHan DynastyConfucianism

Question 5: One of its peaks occurred as late as the 16th and 17th centuries under the ________.
Joseon DynastyKorea under Japanese ruleKorean EmpireKorea

Question 6: - Yi Saek (1328–1395), on the decline of ________ Kingdom.
BalhaeGoryeoJoseon DynastyKorea

Question 7: - Hwang Jin-i (1522–1565) A famous female Korean sijo poet who was also a ________, a professional entertainer.
South KoreaNorth KoreaJoseon DynastyKisaeng

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