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Question 1: In track and field athletics, ________ was the first to jump backwards and head-first in the high jump—the Fosbury Flop—, which has become the standard for the sport.
Ellery Harding ClarkCharles DumasHarold OsbornDick Fosbury

Question 2: Actor and martial arts expert ________ has the roundhouse kick as a signature move.
Bruce LeeJeet Kune DoBruce Lee filmographyChuck Norris

Question 3: Basketball player ________ is known for a one-handed dunk in which he opens his mouth.
David Robinson (basketball)Kareem Abdul-JabbarMichael JordanLarry Bird

Question 4: In professional wrestling, a signature move is often used to finish the opponent or increase tension in the performance: for example, WWE wrestler ________ uses The Pedigree.
Adam CopelandChris JerichoShawn MichaelsTriple H

Question 5: The term is also used in reference to fighting games, although it can also be applied to recurring characters in platformers or ________.
Interactive fictionAdventure gameGraphic adventure gameVisual novel

Question 6: In ________, Goku's signature move is Kamehameha.
Son Goku (Dragon Ball)Dragonball EvolutionDragon BallAkira Toriyama

Question 7: The term "signature move" applies to a range of physical activities like dancing, gymnastics, ________ and professional wrestling.
KickboxingBoxingWorld Boxing CouncilMartial arts

Question 8: A prominent example of the phenomenon of signature moves is ________ and moonwalk; The two topics have become inextricably linked with each other.
Michael Jackson's This Is It: The Music That Inspired the MovieThe Jackson 5Michael JacksonThriller (song)

Question 9: ________ has two signature moves; Shadow Clone, and the Rasengan.
YuYu HakushoRurouni KenshinShaman KingNaruto


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