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Signalling (economics): Quiz


Question 1: In the job market, potential employees seek to sell their services to employers for some wage, or ________.
Marginal utilityPricePricingAustrian School

Question 2: Leland and Pyle (1977) analyse the role of signals within the process of ________.
Initial public offeringStockInvestment bankingBond (finance)

Question 3: Signaling took root in the idea of ________ (a deviation from perfect information), which says that in some economic transactions, inequalities in access to information upset the normal market for the exchange of goods and services.
Information asymmetryContract theoryEconomicsInformation economics

Question 4:  (also available as his ________ lecture PDF)
Nobel PrizeNobel Peace PrizeNobel Prize controversiesNobel Foundation

Question 5: In ________, more precisely in contract theory, signalling is the idea that one party (termed the agent) conveys some meaningful information about itself to another party (the principal).
MoneyEconomicsKeynesian economicsHeterodox economics


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