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Question 1: Sign, in a ________: a basic unit.
Latin alphabetAlphabetWriting systemArabic alphabet

Question 2: Also, the ________ tells whether it is the product of an even or odd number of transpositions.
Coxeter groupSymmetric groupParity of a permutationAlternating group

Question 3: Sign, in ________: also known as Spoor (animal); trace evidence left on the ground after passage.
FecesTracking (hunting)Animal tracksApalachicola National Forest

Question 4: Sign, in ________: an indication of some living thing's presence

Question 5: Sign, in ________ and religion: an omen, an event or occurrence believed to foretell the future

Question 6: Austin • Noam Chomsky • Hans-Georg Gadamer • Saul Kripke • ________ • Donald Davidson • Paul Grice • Gilbert Ryle • P.

Question 7: Sign, in ________: often used to mean the Sun sign

Question 8: The way in which a sign signifies is a topic in semiotics and philosophy of language, see also ________.
Ludwig WittgensteinJ. L. AustinGilbert RyleMeaning (linguistics)

Question 9: ________, epistemology, logic, and philosophy of language are concerned about the nature of signs, what they are and how they signify.
Post-structuralismPostmodernismFerdinand de SaussureSemiotics

Question 10: Sign or signing, in communication: communicating via hand gestures, such as in ________.
Video Relay ServiceSign languageAmerican Sign LanguageVideophone

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