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Sightings following the disappearance of Madeleine McCann: Quiz


Question 1: [22] Though ________ subsequently discounted these sightings, officers from Leicestershire police remained in Morocco for some days afterwards.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaInterpolCyprusKyoto Protocol

Question 2: She added that the child was wearing similar ________ to those worn by Madeleine.

Question 3: There were two reported sightings in ________.
SpainUnited KingdomDenmarkBelgium

Question 4: Security was tightened in Valletta, ________ on 21 June following five reported sightings on the island.
MaltaUnited StatesPhilippinesCyprus

Question 5: Van Wyk claimed that, shortly after the disappearance, he had seen a girl resembling Madeleine being taken in a ________ to a gypsy camp near Portimão, about ten miles (16 km) from where Madeleine disappeared.
WagonCarriageCartHorse-drawn vehicle

Question 6: The first reported sighting in Britain occurred in ________ in February 2008.
SomersetPooleWeymouth, DorsetDorset

Question 7: The release of the Portuguese police case files in August 2008 revealed a possible sighting, in ________, Netherlands, in early May 2007.

Question 8: The Swedish newspaper ________ published, in October 2009, a photograph of a girl, seen in Sweden, who bore a great similarity to Madeleine.
Svenska DagbladetSchibstedAftonbladetE24 Näringsliv

Question 9: Two women reported seeing a child who looked like Madeleine with a man at a petrol station near ________, on 21 August.
MurciaCartagena, SpainFuente Álamo de MurciaSan Pedro del Pinatar, Spain

Question 10: Dutch student Melissa Fiering claimed that she saw Madeleine with a 'tall, swarthy man', at the L'Arche motorway service station restaurant in the south of ________, on 15 February 2008.
ItalyFranceCanadaUnited Kingdom


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