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Siege of the Alcázar: Quiz


Question 1: On July 17, 1936, ________ proclaimed a revolt of the military forces in Spanish Morocco.
Francisco FrancoJosé María AznarSpanish StateJosé Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

Question 2: The only weapons that they possessed were rifles, a few old ________ and some grenades, but the officials and Guardia Civil had managed to bring in abundant ammunition[2].
Machine gunAssault rifleFirearmM2 Browning machine gun

Question 3: This was refused, but Colonel Moscardó requested for a ________ to be sent to baptize the two children born during the siege and to also say Mass.
Liturgical bookPriestLutheranismBishop

Question 4: Militias of the parties in the Popular Front began their siege on July 21, that ended on September 27 with the arrival of the Army of Africa under ________.
José María AznarSpanish StateFrancisco FrancoJosé Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

Question 5: The Alcázar became the residence of the Spanish monarchs after the reconquest of Toledo from the ________, but was abandoned by Philip II and in the 18th century was converted into a military academy.
MoorsBerber peopleHispaniaAl-Andalus

Question 6: Additionally, ten prisoners captured during sorties in Toledo and several ________ were held by the Nationalists through the duration of the siege.
CrimeKidnappingHostageParis Commune

Question 7: The Republican government believed that since the garrison was only 40 miles (64 km) southwest of Madrid and would not be receiving any immediate help from the other Nationalist forces that it would be an easy ________ victory.
DisinformationAd hominemIndoctrinationPropaganda

Question 8: Two days after the relief of the Alcázar, Franco was proclaimed Generalissimo and in October was declared the ________.
United KingdomMonarchyHead of stateMonarch

Question 9: They had several pieces of ________, a few armoured cars and about 2 or 3 tanks.
Military historyNaval warfareArtillerySiege

Question 10: The Siege of the Alcázar was a highly symbolic Nationalist victory in Toledo in the opening stages of the ________.
Spanish Civil WarPOUMFrancisco FrancoSpanish Civil War, 1936


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