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Siege of Port Hudson: Quiz


Question 1: Among the attackers were two regiments of ________ soldiers, the 1st and 3rd Louisiana Native Guard.
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African American cultureGreat Migration (African American)African American

Question 2: After the war, a small number of former soldiers were awarded the ________ for their actions at Port Hudson, including George Mason Lovering of the 4th Massachusetts.
Awards and decorations of the United States militaryAchievement MedalMedal of HonorCommendation Medal

Question 3: The fighting at Port Hudson illustrated how ________ affected the conduct of a siege.
Military historyArtilleryNaval warfareMedieval warfare

Question 4: In the spring of 1862, the Union took control of ________ and Memphis.
New Orleans metropolitan areaBaton Rouge, LouisianaNew OrleansLouisiana

Question 5: In cooperation with Maj. Gen. ________'s offensive against Vicksburg, Mississippi, Union Maj.
Ulysses S. GrantTheodore RooseveltDwight D. EisenhowerAbraham Lincoln

Question 6: Captain Thornton A. Jenkins accepted the Confederate surrender, as Admiral ________ was in New Orleans.
Chester W. NimitzDavid FarragutUnited States Naval AcademyUnited States Navy

Question 7: On July 9, 1863, after hearing of the fall of Vicksburg, the Confederate garrison of Port Hudson surrendered, opening the Mississippi River to Union navigation from its source to ________.
New Orleans metropolitan areaNew OrleansLouisianaBaton Rouge, Louisiana

Question 8: To make sure it could continue to use the middle section of the river, the South fortified positions at ________, and Port Hudson, Louisiana.
Jackson, MississippiNatchez, MississippiVicksburg, MississippiMeridian, Mississippi

Question 9: ________'s army moved against the Confederate stronghold at Port Hudson on the Mississippi River.
Nathaniel Prentice BanksBenjamin Franklin Butler (politician)George S. BoutwellJohn Kerry

Question 10: From the time the ________ started in April 1861, both the North and South made controlling the Mississippi River a major part of their strategy.
American Civil WarTennesseeUnion (American Civil War)Bleeding Kansas


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