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Question 1: Under the orders of General Cronje the Mafeking ________ and telegraph lines were cut the same day, and the town began to be besieged from 13 October.
TrainTransportTrain stationRail transport

Question 2: A cadet corps of boys aged 12 to 15, later to be one of the inspirations for the ________ Movement,[1] was also formed to act as messengers and orderlies.
Scout MottoScoutingInternational Scout and Guide FellowshipScouting controversy and conflict

Question 3: Consequently he chose to hold the town of Mafeking due to its location - both near the border and on the railway between ________ and Kimberley - and because of its status as a local administrative centre.
BulawayoMatabeleland North ProvinceZimbabweHarare

Question 4: The Siege of Mafeking was the most famous British action in the ________.
South AfricaSecond Boer WarSouth African Wars (1879–1915)Sanna's Post

Question 5: President Kruger of the independent Boer ________ declared war on 12 October 1899.
South African RepublicOrange Free StateStellalandNatalia Republic

Question 6: "Maffick" was a back-formation from Mafeking, a place-name that was treated humorously as a ________ or participle.
NounArticle (grammar)Preposition and postpositionGerund

Question 7: The Relief of Mafeking (the lifting of the siege) was a decisive victory for the British and a crushing defeat for the ________.
BoerSecond Boer WarAfrikanerOrange Free State

Question 8: As in the case of the nearby ________, the Boers decided that the town was too heavily defended to take.
Battle of PaardebergBattle of MagersfonteinSiege of KimberleySecond Boer War


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