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Siege of Kinsale: Quiz


Question 1: The Siege or Battle of Kinsale (Irish: Léigear/Cath Chionn tSáile) was the ultimate battle in ________'s conquest of Gaelic Ireland.
EnglandUnited KingdomScotlandWales

Question 2: The first major conflict this caused was the ________ between 1569 and 1583.
Nine Years' War (Ireland)IrelandDesmond RebellionsSecond Desmond Rebellion

Question 3: In the longer term it created the environment for centuries of ________ strife, including the recent conflict in Northern Ireland and the establishment of the Irish republic.
SerbsSectarianismProtestant ReformationEthnic cleansing

Question 4: King Henry VIII tried to reintegrate the territory of the country by recognising the titles of the ________ and giving them legal charter to their lands in return for submission to the Crown.
Irish nobilityClan MacLeaO'Neill dynastyEóganachta

Question 5: Ireland had been a lordship under the authority of the English Crown since the twelfth century; but by the 1500s, the area under government control had shrunk to the Pale, the area around ________.

Question 6: ________ Making Ireland British, 1580–1650 (Oxford University Press, 2001) ISBN 0-19-820091-9.
Trinity College, DublinNicholas CannyHarvard UniversityOld English (Ireland)

Question 7: He also created the ________ in 1541, with himself as monarch.
Kingdom of IrelandHistory of IrelandNorthern IrelandLordship of Ireland

Question 8: ________
UlsterIreland 1536–1691Gaelic IrelandPenal Laws (Ireland)

Question 9: ________ The Elizabethan Conquest of Ireland: A Pattern Established, 1565–76 (London, 1976) ISBN 0-85527-034-9.
Harvard UniversityNicholas CannyTrinity College, DublinOld English (Ireland)

Question 10: In the 1590s they experienced the most significant resistance, from forces in ________ under Hugh O'Neill and Hugh Roe O'Donnell.
County DonegalIrelandUlsterNorthern Ireland


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