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Sideburns: Quiz


Question 1: In ancient history ________ is depicted with sideburns in a mosaic from Pompeii.
Seleucid EmpirePtolemaic KingdomMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Alexander the Great

Question 2: In British slang, sideburns are referred to as "bugger's grips" perhaps subversively alluding to the ruling class and the ________.
HMS Illustrious (R06)HMS Ocean (L12)Royal NavyHMS Ark Royal (R07)

Question 3: The return of facial hair in Western Europe began as a military fashion, at first inspired by the heroic sideburns sported by ________ regiments.
Polish hussarsHussarHungaryCavalry

Question 4: Because of their multifarious history, sideburns may be seen as stuffily Victorian and ultra-________, a sign of rebelliousness, or merely an artifact of current fashion.
Conservative political partiesLiberal conservatismTraditionalist conservatismConservatism

Question 5: [5] Sideburns made a comeback in the mid-1950s, when ________'s sideburns identified him as a Rebel Without a Cause (1955).
Nick Adams (actor)James Dean (film)Paul NewmanJames Dean

Question 6: Sideburns also became a symbol of the gay club scenes of ________ and Sydney, primarily Lambchops.
Los AngelesSan FranciscoOakland, CaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 7: ________ (1806-1873)
John Stuart MillPlatoImmanuel KantJeremy Bentham

Question 8: ________ (1782-1862)
John C. CalhounFranklin D. RooseveltMartin Van BurenJames Buchanan

Question 9: Spurred by ________, sideburns were sported by "hoods", "greasers" and "rockers" as an emblem of rebellious post-pubescent manliness by young men who scorned to be "Ivy League".
Hound Dog (song)Don't Be CruelHeartbreak HotelElvis Presley

Question 10: ________ (1777-1855)
Isaac NewtonBenjamin FranklinJean le Rond d'AlembertCarl Friedrich Gauss

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