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Sickle: Quiz


Question 1: It was a critical tool that was used to facilitate early ________.
Intensive farmingOrganic farmingSustainable agricultureAgriculture

Question 2: A blade which is used regularly to cut the ________-rich stems of cereal crops acquires a characteristic sickle-gloss, or wear pattern.
Silicon dioxideAmethystOpalQuartz

Question 3: [2] The artifacts found in present day ________ and New Mexico resemble curved tools that were made from the horns of mountain sheep.

Question 4: SS-25 Sickle is the NATO reporting name for the ________ intercontinental ballistic missile.
RT-2UTTH Topol MR-36 (missile)RT-2PM TopolRSD-10 Pioneer

Question 5: The development of the sickle in ________ can be traced back to times that pre-date the Neolithic Era.
MesopotamiaAkkadian EmpireSumerBabylonia

Question 6: ________ reports that golden sickles were used in Druidic rituals.
TacitusVespasianDomitianRoman Empire

Question 7: [4] Research on domestication rates of wild cereals under primitive cultivation found that the use of the sickle in harvesting was critical to the people of early ________.
SumerMesopotamiaBabyloniaAkkadian Empire

Question 8: A sickle is a hand-held ________ tool with a curved blade typically used for harvesting grain crop or cutting grass for hay.
Intensive farmingOrganic farmingAgricultureSustainable agriculture

Question 9: The sickle was largely superseded by the ________, which is a more efficient tool in use for many purposes, as it continues to be in use in many parts of the world.
Rake (tool)Lawn mowerScytheGarden tool


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