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Question 1: Stevens was later elected ________ of Freetown.

Question 2: Although born in Moyamba, Stevens was largely raised in ________.
Addis AbabaFreetownConakryCape Town

Question 3: He attended Ruskin College in Oxford, ________ where he studied Trade Unionism.
EnglandScotlandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Stevens and his All People's Congress (APC) party won the closely contested 1967 Sierra Leone general elections over the incumbent Prime Minister Sir ________ of the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP).
Albert MargaiJulius Maada BioMilton MargaiSiaka Stevens

Question 5: In 1959, he participated in independence talks in ________.

Question 6: He completed secondary school at the famous Albert Academy in ________, the same secondary school Sierra Leone's first Prime Minister Sir Milton Margai attended.
Cape TownAddis AbabaFreetownConakry

Question 7: From 1931 to 1946, he worked on the construction of the Sierra Leone Development Company (DELCO) railway, linking the Port of Pepel with the ________ mines at Marampa.
AluminiumSteelOxygenIron ore

Question 8: Siaka Probyn Stevens (24 August 1905 – 29 May 1988) was the 3rd ________ of Sierra Leone from 1967–1971 and the 1st president of Sierra Leone from 1971–1985.
Angela MerkelGordon BrownSilvio BerlusconiPrime minister

Question 9: In April 1971, Stevens introduced a Republic form of Government and he became the first President of Sierra Leone a day after the constitution had been ratified by ________.
Parliamentary systemParliamentBicameralismUnicameralism

Question 10: Throughout the remainder of the 1970s, Stevens continued to consolidate his power, which culminated in a 1978 referendum on a new constitution that would create a ________.
SyriaCubaBelarusSingle-party state


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