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Question 1: A Disney character Sylvester Shyster, a disbarred attorney, schemes to deprive ________ of her inheritance.
Clarabelle CowDonald DuckMinnie MouseMickey Mouse

Question 2: In Queer Duck; The Movie, a 2006 animated film, the title character is portrayed as working as a nurse in a hospital named "Shyster Extramente." (A veiled satire of the ________ hospital group)
Kaiser PermanenteWashingtonWashington, D.C.United States

Question 3: [2] Various ________ have proposed an anti-Semitic origin, and some people continue to regard the word as referring particularly to Jews or Jewish lawyers.
German languageFalse etymologySwedish languageDutch language

Question 4: In a scene from the 1998 spy thriller movie Enemy of the State, one of the gangsters calls ________ a shyster, to which Smith responds: "I believe the slur "shyster" is generally reserved for Jewish attorneys.
Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)Will SmithLost and Found (Will Smith album)Wild Wild West (Will Smith song)

Question 5: In 1932 and 1933, Groucho and Chico Marx starred in a situation comedy named ________, which depicted the misadventures of a small law firm.
Marx BrothersA Night at the Opera (film)Flywheel, Shyster, and FlywheelDuck Soup (1933 film)


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