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Shulchan Aruch: Quiz


Question 1: Orach Chayim - laws of prayer and ________, Sabbath, holidays;
Sephardi JewsAshkenazi JewsSpanish and Portuguese JewsSynagogue

Question 2: The Mishna Berura, the main work of halakha by Rabbi ________ (the "Chafetz Chaim") is a collation of the opinions of later authorities on Orach Chayim.
Mishnah BerurahYisrael Meir KaganOrthodox JudaismShulchan Aruch

Question 3: He follows Maimonides' example, as seen in ________ (the "Yad Hachazakah"), rather than that of Jacob ben Asher, who seldom decides between ancient authorities.
Orthodox JudaismHalakhaJudaismMishneh Torah

Question 4: He wished not only to aid the officiating ________ in the performance of his duties, but also to trace for the student the development of particular laws from the Talmud through later rabbinical literature.
JewsOrthodox JudaismRabbiConservative Judaism

Question 5: Important works by the later authorities (________) are:
Rabbinic literatureAcharonimHalakhaKabbalah

Question 6: The Ben Ish Chai, Kaf Ha'Chaim, and more recently, the Yalkut Yosef are similar works by ________ Rabbis for their communities.
Ashkenazi JewsSephardi JewsJewsSpanish and Portuguese Jews

Question 7: Karo evidences not only an astonishing range of reading, covering almost the whole of ________, but also very remarkable powers of critical investigation.
Jewish philosophyOrthodox JudaismRabbinic literatureSephardi Jews

Question 8: Similar works are Ba'er Heitev and Sha'arei Teshuvah/Pitchei Teshuvah as well as Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (by Rabbi ________ of Hungary).
Orthodox JudaismHalakhaSephardi JewsShlomo Ganzfried

Question 9: Yoreh De'ah - laws of ________; religious conversion; Mourning; Laws pertaining to Israel;
KashrutKabbalahHalakhaHasidic Judaism

Question 10: The "Rema" (________) started writing his commentary on the Tur, Darkhei Moshe, at the same time as Yosef Karo.
HalakhaMoses IsserlesShulchan AruchRabbi


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