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Question 1: This second larval stage feeds in the wild on ________ and after a few days metamorphoses again into the third stage to become myses.
PhotosynthesisAlgaePlantWild fisheries

Question 2: Shrimp are swimming, decapod ________ classified in the infraorder Caridea, found widely around the world in both fresh and salt water.

Question 3: About shrimp, for kids and teens at the ________
Time WarnerJim BarksdaleOpen Directory ProjectLife (magazine)

Question 4:
What classis does Shrimp belong to?

Question 5:
What is the subphylum of Shrimp?

Question 6: In some parts of the ________, fishing with baited traps is also common.
Western United StatesCanadaBritish ColumbiaPacific Northwest

Question 7: Shrimp and other ________ are among the most common food allergens [8].
FishingAquacultureWild fisheriesShellfish

Question 8: A shrimp farm is an ________ business for the cultivation of marine shrimp or prawnsa for human consumption.
Integrated Multi-Trophic AquacultureWild fisheriesAquacultureFishing industry

Question 9: As with other seafood, shrimp is high in ________, iodine and protein but low in food energy.

Question 10: They are not kosher and thus are forbidden in ________.
613 MitzvotJewish cuisinePassoverAshkenazi Jews


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