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Shower-curtain effect: Quiz


Question 1: One computer model of the typical bathroom found that the spray from the shower-head drives a horizontal ________.
Lift (force)Fluid dynamicsVortexVorticity

Question 2: In ________, the shower-curtain effect is the phenomenon in which a shower curtain gets blown inward with a running shower.
UniverseQuantum mechanicsPhysicsParticle physics

Question 3: He used a ________ code to achieve the results.
Computational fluid dynamicsRiemann solverComputational physicsMonte Carlo method

Question 4: The problem of the cause of this effect has been featured in ________ magazine, with several theories given to explain the phenomenon but no definite conclusion.
Scientific AmericanNature (journal)Nature BiotechnologyScientific American Mind

Question 5: This theory presumes that the water flowing out of a ________ causes the air through which the water moves to start flowing in the same direction as the water.


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