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Question 1: ________ also uses the shortwave bands, but with power levels under 2 kW
Citizens' band radioAmateur radio repeaterAmateur radioD-STAR

Question 2: Specialty political, religious, and ________ radio networks, individual commercial and non-commercial paid broadcasts for the North American and other markets;
New World Order (conspiracy theory)Conspiracy theoryConspiracy fiction9/11 conspiracy theories

Question 3: Short-Wave Radio Hangs On For Life The Economist article describing pros and cons of short wave radio since the ________.
Vietnam WarJoseph StalinCentral Intelligence AgencyCold War

Question 4: ________ -- a very large rotatable antenna system used in International Broadcasting
HRS antennaShortwaveAM stereoALLISS

Question 5: The privilege of operating a shortwave radio transmitter for non-commercial two way communications known as ________ is granted through a licensing process by authorized government agencies.
D-STARAmateur radioCitizens' band radioAmateur radio repeater

Question 6: Because of the larger bandwidth required, NBFM is much more commonly used for ________ communication.
High frequencyUltra high frequencyL bandVery high frequency

Question 7: [14] This docket was released after 18 proposals, including one from the ________ for widespread changes in the Amateur Radio Service rules were received and considered by the FCC.
ContestingAmerican Radio Relay LeagueW1AWDXing

Question 8: Shortwave transmitting centers often use specialized antenna designs (like the ________ antenna technology) to concentrate radio energy at the target area.
ALLISSMedium waveHRS antennaAM stereo

Question 9: Others focus on intelligence signals from ________, or the two way communications by amateur radio operators.
Clandestine HUMINT asset recruitingClandestine HUMINTNumbers stationFalse flag

Question 10: Utility stations transmitting messages not intended for the general public, such as aircraft flying between continents, encoded or ciphered diplomatic messages, ________ reporting, or ships at sea;

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