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Question 1: At the end of the Second World War, a number of new Sunderlands built at ________ were simply taken out to sea and scuttled as there was nothing else to do with them.
BelfastCardiffNorthern IrelandEdinburgh

Question 2: The ________ Escadrille 7FE, which received Sunderlands when it was formed in 1943 as No.
Force océanique stratégiqueFrench aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91)French NavyForce d'action navale

Question 3: ________ of New Zealand
Air NelsonNational Airways CorporationEagle AirwaysMount Cook Airline

Question 4: The RAF received its first Sunderland Mark I in June 1938 when the second production aircraft (L2159) was flown to 230 Squadron at ________, Singapore.
Singapore Changi AirportTengah Air BaseSeletar AirportSembawang Air Base

Question 5: A Sunderland made the vital reconnaissance of Taranto before the Royal Navy's ________ attack on the Italian navy there on 11 November 1940.
BAE Sea HarrierWestland Sea KingFairey SwordfishFleet Air Arm

Question 6: Newsreel footage of Sunderland G-AGJM being towed into a Southampton berth at British Pathe (requires ________)
Adobe FlashAdobe Flash PlayerAdobe After EffectsAdobe Dreamweaver

Question 7: [8] The aircraft was on an anti-submarine patrol and also searching for remains of ________, an airliner that had left Lisbon the day before and subsequently had been shot down over the Bay of Biscay.
United KingdomLeslie Howard (actor)BOAC Flight 777Europe

Question 8: NZ4115 is on display at the ________ in Auckland, New Zealand.
Museum of Transport and TechnologyShort SunderlandMOTAT collectionsRoyal New Zealand Air Force

Question 9: As the ________ began to use Metox passive receivers the ASV Mk II radar gave away the presence of aircraft and the number of sightings diminished drastically.
U-boatGerman Type U 66 submarineGerman Type XXI submarineGerman Type VII submarine

Question 10: In May 1941, during the ________ Sunderland transported as many as 82 armed men from place to place in one load.
Battle of CreteDodecanese CampaignBattle of GreeceGreco-Italian War


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