Short Stirling: Quiz

Question 1: The ________ Specification B.12/36 had a mixture of requirements.
Hugh Trenchard, 1st Viscount TrenchardRoyal Naval Air ServiceAir MinistryRoyal Air Force

Question 2: [6] The Short S.31 was scrapped after a takeoff accident at RAF Stradishall, ________ in February 1944.

Question 3: They were already producing several four-engined ________ designs of the required size and created their S.29 design by removing the lower deck and boat hull of their S.25 Sunderland.
Felixstowe F.3Flying boatCurtiss Model HShort Brothers

Question 4: (The Avro Lancaster was a re-engined ________ while the Halifax was originally planned to be powered by twin Vulture engines but was re-designed to use four Merlins in 1937 as the problems with the Vulture engines became clear.
Avro LincolnAvro AnsonAvro ManchesterAvro York

Question 5: Operational status was not reached until January 1941, by ________.
No. 105 Squadron RAFNo. 7 Squadron RAFNo. 10 Squadron RAFNo. 61 Squadron RAF

Question 6: The 10th (OO-XAC, ex-PK172) crashed during operations in ________, China)[19][20]
Transportation in YunnanKunmingDiqing Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureYunnan

Question 7: This was a disadvantage on many raids, notably if crews were attacking Italy and had to fly through (rather than "over") the ________.
Jura MountainsGeographyHimalayasAlps

Question 8: They were used in the Battle of Normandy and ________.
Western Front (World War II)Dieppe RaidColmar PocketOperation Market Garden

Question 9: ________: 44.9 lb/ft² (219.4 kg/m²)
F-16 Fighting FalconGlider (sailplane)Wing loadingF-104 Starfighter

Question 10: Also at that time, there arose a need for powerful aircraft to tow heavy transport gliders such as the GAL Hamilcar and ________; the Stirling fitted this role admirably.
Airspeed HorsaAirspeed EnvoyAirspeed OxfordAirspeed Ltd.

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