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Question 1: Short-term memory (sometimes referred to as "primary memory" or "active memory") refers to the capacity for holding a small amount of ________ in mind in an active, readily available state for a short period of time.
Systems engineeringInformationElectrical engineeringArtificial intelligence

Question 2: One form of evidence, cited in favor of the separate existence of a short-term store comes from ________, the inability to learn new facts and episodes.
Anterograde amnesiaPsychogenic amnesiaRetrograde amnesiaHM (patient)

Question 3: Short-term memory should be distinguished from ________ which refers to structures and processes used for temporarily storing and manipulating information (see more details below).
Working memoryPsychogenic amnesiaLong-term memoryExceptional memory

Question 4: After the firing has slowed down, ________ causes short term memory to decay.
EndocytosisReceptor-mediated endocytosisEfferocytosisPhagocytosis

Question 5: The relationship between short-term memory and ________ is described differently by various theories, but it is generally acknowledged that the two concepts are distinct.
Working memoryLong-term memoryPsychogenic amnesiaExceptional memory

Question 6: In contrast, ________ indefinitely stores a seemingly unlimited amount of information.
Psychogenic amnesiaEpisodic memoryAnterograde amnesiaLong-term memory

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