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Question 1: ________ are characterized by a third-person camera view that fully displays the player character in his/her surroundings.
Third-person shooterPlatform gameSurvival horrorFirst-person shooter

Question 2: Notable examples of the genre include Rare's Jet Force Gemini, as well as the Max Payne, Star Wars Battlefront, ________ series, and Metal Gear series.
Unreal TournamentGears of War 2Gears of WarUnreal Tournament 3

Question 3: The player usually views the events from behind the eyes of the character (a ________) or from a camera that follows the character, usually a few feet behind (a third-person shooter).
First-person shooterAction gameLight gun shooterPlatform game

Question 4: When these debuted, they were typically played from a ________, with enemy fire that occurred anywhere on the screen damaging or killing the player.
First-person narrativeUnreliable narratorEpistolary novelNarrative mode

Question 5: A ________ is characterized by an on-screen view that simulates the in-game character's point of view.
Action gamePlatform gameLight gun shooterFirst-person shooter

Question 6: Shooter games are a subgenre of ________,[1] which often test the player's speed and reaction time.
Light gun shooterAction gameShoot 'em upFirst-person shooter

Question 7: Often interchangeable with ________ games, although many could also be played using a regular joypad and an on-screen cursor to signify where the bullets are being aimed.
Nintendo Entertainment SystemLight gunWiiSuper Scope

Question 8: But many shooter games involve varying levels of realism, with some verging on complete ________.
NovelSpeculative fictionFairy taleFantasy

Question 9: ________
Platform gameList of first-person shootersCapture the flagList of freeware first-person shooters

Question 10: It is also possible for a game to have a fixed camera, especially shooting gallery games and some 2D overhead shooters such as ________.
Space InvadersDefender (video game)GalaxianRobotron: 2084


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