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Question 1: The player's ________ is typically a vehicle that is under constant attack.
AvatarHindu deitiesRamaVishnu

Question 2: The game featured combat between two spacecraft, inspired by the contemporary ________ space race.
Joseph StalinCold WarCentral Intelligence AgencyVietnam War

Question 3: In a shoot 'em up, the player controls a lone character, often a ________, shooting large numbers of enemies while dodging their attacks.
SpacecraftSpace ShuttleSpace RaceSpace exploration

Question 4: [4][5][14] A small number of scrolling shooters, such as ________'s Zaxxon, feature an isometric point of view.
NintendoSegaMitsubishi ElectricSony

Question 5: The genre's origins can be traced back to ________, one of the very earliest computer games, developed in 1961 and eventually released in arcades in the early 1970s.
Personal computer gameExpensive PlanetariumAlan KotokSpacewar!

Question 6: [4][5][23] Spacewar! was developed at the ________ in 1961, for the amusement of the developers; it was however remade four times as an arcade game in the early to mid-1970s.
Northeastern UniversityBoston UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyHarvard University

Question 7: [22][24] However, it was not until 1978's seminal ________, created by Japan's Taito Corporation, that the genre became prolific.
Space Invaders Get EvenSpace Invaders ExtremeSpace InvadersSpace Invaders Evolution

Question 8: Shoot 'em ups are a sub-genre of shooter game, in turn a type of ________.
Platform gameFirst-person shooterLight gun shooterAction game

Question 9: [25][26] The following year, Namco's ________ took the genre further with more complex enemy patterns and richer graphics.
Pac-ManGalaxianNamco MuseumGalaga

Question 10: ________ (released in 1982) is frequently cited as the first vertical shooter and, although it was de facto preceded by several other games featuring vertical scrolling, it was the most influential.
Pac-ManXeviousSuper XeviousNamco Museum

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