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Question 1: In episode six of the fifth year of the television series Viva La Bam, the protagonists abandon a shoe in which they were sailing down the ________ and tie it to a tree "like they do in the ghetto".
Rondout CreekNeversink RiverDelaware RiverEast Branch Delaware River

Question 2: A shoe tree, not to be confused with the shoe-preservation device of the same name, is a ________ (or, occasionally, a powerline pole or other wooden object) that has been festooned with old shoes.
TreePlantForestFlowering plant

Question 3: Shoe tossing , the act of using shoes as improvised projectiles or weapons, is a constituent of a number of folk ________ and practices.
IrelandOlympic GamesSports clubSport

Question 4: Some say that shoes hanging from the wires advertise a local crack house where ________ is used and sold[1] (in which case the shoes are sometimes referred to as "Crack Tennies").
MethamphetamineDimethocaineMDMACrack cocaine

Question 5: A related practice is shoe tossing onto trees or ________.
CattleFenceUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Question 6: Shoe flinging or "shoefiti" is the American and worldwide practice of throwing shoes whose ________ have been tied together so that they hang from overhead wires such as power lines or telephone cables.
Athletic shoeCottonRopeShoelaces

Question 7: ________ or Wellington boots are the heavy rubber boots worn by most farm workers and many other outdoor workers.
JackbootFlip-flopsWellington bootGaloshes

Question 8: Others claim that the shoes are stolen from other people and tossed over the wires as a sort of ________ tactic, or as a practical joke played on drunkards.
IntimidationBullyingWorkplace bullyingRelational aggression

Question 9: Others claim that the shoes so thrown commemorate a ________-related murder, or the death of a gang member, or as a way of marking gang turf.
Serbian mafiaChicago OutfitGangOrganized crime

Question 10: [7] Shoe trees are generally located alongside a major local thoroughfare, and may have a theme (such as ________).
High-heeled footwearCowboy bootMule (footwear)Beatle boots


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